Bell 206B Jetranger

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Year : 1975 | Aircraft hours 6100

Minus main blades
Engine: 5978
Cycles: 9113
Trig 8.33:GMA340:KMD150 GPS


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1975 AB Bell 206B Jetranger
Aircraft Hours 6100
Engine Hours 5978 : Cycles : 9113
Good remaining component times.
Trig 8.33:GMA340:KMD150 GPS
Wedge Windows:Range Extender

Trig 8.33
Narco GMA340 Audio
Skyforce CM2000 GPS
KX155 Nav/Comm
KX196A VHF Com
KT76C Transponder
KI250 Rad Alt Indicator
KRA10A Rad Alt Tx/Rx
Airbox Foresight GPS

Night Scanner
High Skid Gear with Flightsteps
Wedge Windows
Dual Controls
Cabin Heater
Tie Down
Range Extender
Boot Extender
5 x Headsets (2 x Bose, 3 x David Clark)
Flight Manual
First Aid Kit
Cabin Fire Extinguisher
Front & rear mud trays

Last meaningful maintenance recorded.

C-01 – 50hr Airframe Lubrication
C-02 – 100hr/12mth Airframe Inspection ( 31/10/2018)
C-03 – 200hr/12mth Lubrication ( 31/10/2018)
C-05 – 300hr/12mth Airframe Lubrication ( 31/10/2018)
C-06 – 600hr/12mth Airframe Lubrication ( 31/10/2018)
C-11 – 12mth Annual Airframe Inspection ( 31/10/2018)
C-12 – 24mth Airframe Inspection (10/11/2018)
D-05 – 600hr/12mth Component Inspection – Tail Rotor Control Tube/Main Drive Shaft Re-Grease (31/10/2018)
D-13 – 12mth Mast Internal Inspection (31/10/2018)
E-02 – Avionics Annual Inspection (13/11/2018)
G-04 – Engine Oil Change (01/11/2018)
G-05 – Engine Compressor Inspection (04/11/2018)
Appendix N 20yr Airframe Corrosion Inspection (As per Bell Manual)
Main Rotor TT Strap Fittings New
Service Bulletin 206-213 carried out after TT Straps installation.
CEB-A-1370 Dome Inspection (This requires removal of Engine combustion section for access)

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